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Laboratory Equipment


Self Standing Centrifuge Tube

Self Standing Centrifuge Tubes LMCT C100
Self Standing Centrifuge Tubes LMCT C100
  • Maximum RCF 12000 x g
  • Material: Virgin Polypropylene (PP)
  • Working Temperature is -80 °C to 121 °C
  • Transparent wall permits relaxed observing of tube contents
  • Graduation in white ink
  • Frosted marking area
  • Flat-top screw cap for free handling

Product Details
Self-Standing Centrifuge Tubes LMCT-C100

Capacity : 50 mL
Length of tube : 11.7 cm
Diameter outside tube : 30 mm
Diameter of Cap : 34 mm

Package Details

Packaging : 25 pcs/Bag, 20 bags/case

Quantity Per Case : 500