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Laboratory Equipment


-120 to -164 ℃ Cryogenic Freezer Ultra Low Freezer

 120 to  164 ℃ Cryogenic Freezer Ultra Low Freezer LMCF A401
120 to 164 ℃ Cryogenic Freezer Ultra Low Freezer LMCF A401
  • The well-developed security gadget with a couple of audible & visible alarm capabilities like excessive/ low temperature alarm, electricity failure alarm, high/low voltage alarm, sensor failure alarm, low battery alarm, condenser heat dissipation alarm, gadget failure alarm and so forth. To make sure the garage pattern protection
  • The keyboard lock feature and password protection feature can save you any adjustment of working parameters without permission
  • Unique refrigeration circuit with oil slide compressor, powerful cooling capability
  • Foaming technology, outstanding thick insulation which substantially improves the insulation impact
  • It has features like non-obligatory single kind upright racks, alarm lamp, voltage repayment, alarm and liquid N2 backup
  • Chest type with lid to be opened from the top, assisting balanced hinges to make it without difficulty for casters to be constant for smooth motion and fixation

Product Details
-120 to -164 ℃ Cryogenic Freezer Ultra-Low Freezer LMCF-A401

Capacity(L) : 128
Temperature Range : -120 to -164 ℃
Ambient Temperature : 16 to 32 ℃
Cooling Performance : -164 ℃
Controller : Microprocessor