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Laboratory Equipment


Vacuum Aspiration System

Vacuum Aspiration System LMVA A100
Vacuum Aspiration System LMVA A100
  • Adjustable Vacuum power from 1 mL / s to 15 mL / s aspiration speed
  • Fully autoclavable waste collection bottle, tubing and handle
  • Wide range of adapters to fit tube, microplate and disk plate for various tasks
  • Sensitive level sensor to prevent liquid overflow during operation
  • Interchangeable hand operator -tip adapters facilitates from single channel to 8-channel based on the applications in tube, micro plate, disk plate etc.
  • Hydrophobic filter protects pump from overflow

Product Details
Vacuum Aspiration System LMVA-A100

Vacuum Range : 0 – 600 mbar
Aspirating Speed : 1 – 15 mL / s
Hydrophobic Filter : 0.45 μm , ɸ 6 mm
Autoclavable Component : Tube, Waste bottle and operation handle
Bottle Volume : 4 L