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Plant Growth Chamber LMPG-A307 |


Plant Growth Chamber LMPG-A307 chamber creates a perfect artificial environment by maintaining the humidity range at 40 to 90 % RH. The chamber has a control over light providing variations in the temperature range during light off is +5 to +45 ℃ and light on is +10 to +45 ℃. 7-inch-high definition TFT true color touch screen enables the user to read the parameters assigned effortlessly. It is designed carefully with 2 shelves to store the products and maximize your output. The equipment is featured with stepper hot gas valve for vertical spread of the air with operational volume of 380 L

Specifications :
Effective Capacity (L) 380
Temperature Range@20 ℃ Light Off +5 to +45 ℃
Temperature Range @20 ℃ Light On +10 to +45 ℃
Temperature Stability ± ℃ NA
Humidity Range %RH 40 to 90
Humidity Stability ±%RH NA
Heater Wattage (W) 450
Cooling Capacity W@20 ℃ 450
Heating Up Time (20 To 45 ℃ Light Off) ≤60 min
Cooling Down Time (20 To 5 ℃ Light Off) ≤60 min
Illumination Intensity Lux 25000
Air Movement Vertical
Growth Height (H) mm 1100
Growth area (W x D)mm 600x515
Lamp Canopies &Shelves EA 1
Interior Size(W×D×H) mm 600×515×1300
Overall Size (W×D×H) mm 780×740×1922
Features :
  • -  It is offered with stepper hot gas valve for horizontal spread of air in the chamber
  • -  The output data is shown on the display as temperature and humidity status, alarm history and operating text and curves
  • -  The 7-inch TFT true color touch screen act as the access point between the user and the device to instruct the parameters required
  • -  It can work uninterruptedly with temperature range of +5 to +45 ℃ during light off and in case of light on it maintains +10 to +45 ℃
  • -  The stability of humidity inside the chamber is maintained at ± 2 to 3 % RH
  • -  It can cool and warm up the chamber in ≤ 60 min time to make it available to the user as soon as possible
  • -  USB connectivity acts as the mode of connection between the system and the equipment to transfer the data
  • -  The chamber is convenient to grow the Plant tissue growth, cell culture, breeding of insects & small animals, microorganisms, Arabidopsis growth, seedling and germination
  • -  The instrument chamber well-built with stainless steel layered with white coating and rounded bottom which is durable and easy to rinse
Applications :

Used for culturing of cell cultures, Reproduction of germ colonies and used in the field of clinical research, hospitals, laboratory, pharmaceutical and food industry.

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