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High Speed Centrifuge LMHC-A104

High Speed Centrifuge LMHC-A104

High Speed Centrifuge LMHC-A104 is a versatile centrifuge which accelerates sample processing, enhances the workflows and saves space. It is a bench top model which features a rotor speed of 18500 rpm and 23797 g RCF. It has a LCD display operated by a microprocessor control and is equipped with an electronic door interlock for safe operation.

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Maximum Speed 18500 r/min
Maximum RCF 23797×g
Time Setting Range 1 – 99 min (short time centrifugation)
Speed Control Accuracy ± 50r/min
Power Supply AC 220V 50 Hz 5A
Dimension 420×530×370 mm
Weight 48 Kg

point.png Microprocessor control AC brushless frequency conversion motor

point.png LCD display with soft touch buttons operation

point.png Easy to use and maintain

point.png RCF value can be calculated automatically

point.png Multiple rotor options for convenient use

point.png Light weight stainless steel chamber

point.png Displays error code to improve safety performance

It is vastly used in various fields of research and development, pharmaceutical laboratories, microbiology and institutions for sample processing etc.

S.No Rotor type Maximum Speed (r/min) Maximum RCF Capacity
1 Angle rotor 01 18500 23797 12×1.5/2.2 ml
2 Angle rotor 02 12000 13200 8×15 ml
3 Angle rotor 03 12500 17370 12×10 ml
4 Angle rotor 04 11000 12850 6×50 ml
5 Angle rotor 05 15000 21532 24×1.5 ml/2.2 ml
6 Angle rotor 06 13000 16410 48×0.5 ml
7 Angle rotor 07 10000 10744 4×100 ml
8 Swing rotor 5000 3773 4×100 ml
9 Micro plate rotor 4000 2200 2×2×96 ml

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High Speed Centrifuge LMHC-A104