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Photo Stability Test Chambers LMPC-A404

Photo Stability Test Chambers LMPC-A404

Photo Stability Test Chambers LMPC-A404 has control over lighting systems to comply with thestandard guidelines which enables humidity testing, speed testing, temperature testing, longstanding testing and UVA exposure testing. Ideal and horizontal distribution of the air in the chamber is spread by stepper hot gas valve and integrated steam generator with the functional capacity of 275 L. The 7-inch high definition true color TFT touch screen acts as the interface for easy operation. The graphical data, past and present data of the results can be saved in the large flash memory.


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Effective Capacity (L) 275
Temperature Range@20 ℃ Light Off +5 to +65 ℃
Temperature Stability ± ℃ 0.1 to 0.2
Temperature Deviation ℃ 1
Humidity Range (Std)%RH 40 to 95
Humidity Range (Opt)%RH 20 to 95
Humidity Stability ±%RH 1 to 2
Humidity Deviation %RH 3 to 5
Heater Wattage (W) 450
Cooling Capacity W@20 ℃ 250
Air Movement Horizontal
VIS Canopies &Shelves (Std/Max)EA 2/5
Interior Size(W×D×H) mm 535×480×950
Overall Size (W×D×H) mm 640×660×1600

point.png It is offered with stepper hot gas valve for horizontal spread of air in the chamber

point.png The output data is shown on the display as temperature and humidity status, alarm history and operating text and curves which is saved in the flash memory

point.png The 7-inch TFT true color touch screen act as the access point between the user and the device to instruct the fix the desired parameters

point.png It can work uninterruptedly with 2 modes of operations like stand by and automatic power on mode in case of power cut

point.png It has the capability to maintain temperature range of +5 to +65 ℃

point.png The stability of humidity inside the chamber is maintained at ± 1 to 2%RH

point.png USB connectivity acts as the mode of connection between the system and the equipment to transfer the data

point.png Temperature and humidity in the chamber are controlled by stepper hot gas valve

point.png The instrument chamber well-built with rounded bottom which is durable and easy to rinse

This chamber is used for the germination of cell culture, growing of plants breeding of insects, small animals, microorganisms, seedling and germination.

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Photo Stability Test Chambers LMPC-A404

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